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Don't leave it up to Banksy


13 September 2016



The idea for the 'Are We There Yet?' book and touring exhibition project all started with hundreds of images which British photographer Barry Cawston took of Banksy's Dismaland and its locality - downtown Weston Super Mare - at night and throughout the day. Over several weeks, the project became an obsession for him.  


Like much of Banksy's work, Dismaland was not a full stop, it left us with some giant, flashing question marks. The art featured in Dismaland was conceived to interrogate some of the shocking norms in our society and challenge the biggest issues we face, head on.


In the same vein, Cawston's images scream, Where the hell are we going? Are we there yet? Looking through them, the lines between life and art completely disappear and the stories get ever darker. 


We hope this project will encourage others to express themselves on and off-line about the issues they care about.


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