Whatever It Takes


21st Century, Global Arts Project


I read an article in 2006 about the 21st Century Leaders Foundation and its global celebrity and VIP artwork project called 'Whatever it Takes'. It was a spine tingling moment. I got in touch and pitched the idea of an international touring exhibition of the stars' artworks.


I worked with founder Charlotte di Vita and her international team over 5 years, advising on events and exhibitions planning and managing funding communications with hundreds of global retail brand partners and sponsors - far too many to mention.


Through sales of items featuring the celebrities' art and related projects, this incredible campaign has now raised over $100,000,000 for charities worldwide!


Charlotte di Vita, who is one of Nelson Mandela's Goodwill Ambassadors, set up 21st Century Leaders and launched the Whatever It Takes campaign to tackle key global development issues, including poverty alleviation, child abuse, and environmental conservation.


Project website:


'Peace by any means', George Clooney for the 'Whatever it Takes' campaign
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