Are We In or Out?


23rd June 2016



I was brought up by peace-loving, politically active, vocal anti-nuclear campaigning parents (we used to get our phone tapped in the 80s) and, I think as a result of that, I have spent a large part of my life working as a campaigner in various guises, political and not.


Since I was a kid I've worked in audience development for arts, community, charity organisations and businesses, so I am fascinated by crowd activity - and our newfound ability to measure and analyse crowd platform data. In recent years I've run and participated in public protests and ballots and crowdsourcing and crowdfunding campaigns large and small.  


Over the last few weeks I helped with the 'We Are Europe' campaign and hung out on social media, adding and sharing pro-Europe content, and calling out the misleading, racist and factually incorrect content put out there by Leave politicians and camapigners. It's been an interesting time for relationships with friends and acquaintances new and old - and beautiful to hear from old school friends who wrote to thank me for my efforts. 


I'm now sitting with some trepidation on my sofa, glass in hand waiting for the first results of the European Referendum to come in. I find the evolving media stories and tonight's reporting of developing election data analysis verrry interesting.


The turn out is higher than ever - no surprise there as there havent been any great politicians to vote for for many years - council estate turnout is high, which is exciting, and the Tory party is undeniably broken.


So what next for the UK? What next for Cameron?


The official announcement is 7am tomorrow morning. Watch this space...



Kath Cockshaw

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